Hi all!

I was just playing around the Automation: The Game and BeamNG game duo (look them up if you haven’t - Automation lets you design a car from scratch in amazing detail and then export it to the BeamNG game for you to drive around!)

As you all know, I love quirky cars, so I was working on my beige communist lumpmobile called the Gazelle...

...which is rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive (I sortof thought of it as a classic Skoda ripoff). The only option the game has for rear-mounted engines is rear longitudinal. Makes sense. But that got me to wondering, are there any RR cars that ever had a rear-mounted TRANSVERSE engine with rear wheel drive?

Now, I don’t mean MID-rear-engined, I mean REAR engined with a transverse placement. I can’t think of any and some basic and half-hearted Google searching doesn’t seem to be finding anything...?


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