So, a bit over a week ago, I took my car to the shop for some routine maintenance, part of which was the replacement of my engine mounts. This was because the car vibrated a hell of a lot when idling in gear, but barely at all when in reverse. (Which, the Internet tells me, is a pretty definite proof that the mounts are going)

Anyway, I got the car back, drove it for one day, and realized.... it’s exactly the same as it was before. So I dropped it off again the other night (the shop was closeda few days due to an exploded air compressor that required all mechanics to fix before they could really do any work on anything) and now I’m just waiting to go pick it up and hopefully have a smooth ride now.

But I can’t help wondering... Could there be another reason that it didn’t get better? I’m currently hoping to scrounge up enough money to finally get my SCCA membership and then to go do some Rallycross in the stock FWD class, but both of those things kind of depend on my car being in good condition and my wallet not being empty. So I’m hoping that I didn’t waste money on an unnecessary repair.