Engine Noise Help, Update: Found it!

So my 2005 Corolla Le has been making a bad engine noise when I start it up and let it idle. The noise starts just after the 40 second mark. It’s not constant and only seems to do it for the duration shown in the video. Its a US model and has 142,000 miles.

  • I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to make the noise when I’m above idle.
  • This is with the A/C off though it will do it if the A/C is on or off.
  • I’ve tried a couple different oil filters to see if that was the cause (Wix, Wix xp and now an OEM Denso) and it does it with any of them.

I’m pretty worried about it because if it’s something pretty bad I don’t really have the money for a new car so I’d have to try to repair it or something. It’s been doing this for several months now. I would really appreciate any thoughts, advice or ideas on this.

Update: Found it! There is a heat shield on the exhaust manifold that is missing two screws and is vibrating when the engine is idling! Thanks Traitor Joe for the suggestion! I’ll figure out what bolts to buy and install them at a later time. I’m glad I found it and can stop worrying so much about it! Thanks everyone for the suggestions and advice!

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