So, as some of you will have read, the engine in the Escort decided timing was overated and the cams stopped following each other as god Ford intended, which cost the head and 4 marked pistons. Extra kick in the ‘nads that i had just done an oil change+filter 50km prior.

New block, who dis?

This obviously is bad. With the car due for MOT/Inspection in 4 months, might aswell shop around for another surely. No way an overhauled engine will make sense to throw at this car just to need a bunch of other stuff done before christmas again..

Google images to the rescue

Off to the classifieds, find a few nice Ford Mondeo Mk3's, one specifically that has just been Inspected(so 2 years before next one), but has lost drive(supposedly broken driveshaft). Get a deal set up to drive to see it/pick it up. On the morning of the day the guy texts that he’s had something sudden come up and wants to reschedule for in the evening or tomorrow, but i never hear back from him again trying to reschedule another point. Surely a sign from the gods that: nope, no fancy sedan upgrade for you.

Which brings me back to the above, dad had already purchased some of the parts to overhaul an engine so we have spare for the Racecars, bottom end from the engine we replaced for a guy after it had lost oil, snapped the intake cam wheel straight off and bent 2 valves. It still ran pretty good, just zero compression on #1. You can still see the valve-markings on the left piston in the pic.


The head on that and my own engine is obviously toast. But we have one sitting on another engine that spun a few big end bearings, so i have a stack of gaskets, 2 engines, tools, time and many cold drinks. Time to make an engine out of trash.


I’ll be doing a teardown/post-mortem of the engine that died to find out the cause of course, but a solid guess would be cam belt tensioner that failed and let it skip some teeth. Bonus ponderings: Does the head actually get destroyed from bent valves, or would a valve replacement be an option?


Bonus spun/flattend rod bearing.

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