What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Thanks to all the guys that gave me some input on my engine plan. The toneing down of the engine to less outrageous and difficult level of engineering. I'll edit in the full specifications later.

The piston size has shrunk to 4.3 in and the stroke go up to just above 2 in (i'm sitting on 2.5 in). One of the turbos is gone and the one left is connect to both cylinders (and has a single intercooler. It would be a valve nozzle turbine design VGT. I'd use titanium for the valves, but revert the headers and exhaust manifold to steel. To get rid of the poison issue of the beryllium-alloy piston i'm pushing for 4032 forged hypereutectic pistons. A balance shaft has also been added. The compression ratio has dropped significantly to 7:1. Still a dry sump. Still a flat twin. Just smaller, cheaper, and more reliable (kinda). To make the piston less complicated (it'll all ready be tough to make), i'm using dual spark plugs for a clean burn. I still am pushing stratified fuel injection. Revs have been lowered to 8500 rpms. DOHC (forgot to add). Aggressive cams with flat tappets. Same crank design. turbo piping will start off not being CF/Kevlar, but later changing to it. The alternator runs in the opposite direction of the crank.


More reasonable?

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