Although it looks like it, this is not the engine room on a ship. But it is the engine room on a boat. A flying boat. A very, very big flying boat.

This is the Dornier D0 X, the largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world at the time. It was powered by twelve Curtiss V-1570 Conqueror V-12 engines generating 610 hp each, and had six pusher and six puller propellers. Like a ship, though, the engineer was in a separate room from the pilots, where he operated the engine throttles and monitored engine performance. And like a ship, the captain would send commands to the flying boat’s engine room for throttle settings via engine order telegraph. All that horsepower got the Do X going to a top speed of 131 mph, and its maximum takeoff weight was a staggering 123,460 pounds. The Do X could accommodate up to 100 passengers, and set a world record in 1929 when it carried 169 passengers and crew, a record that stood for 20 years.