Showed dad an episode of Roadkill earliere, and he mentioned wanting to get a V8 project now that his Escort RS is nearing completion. HYPE.

Went and picked up parts! 2x crankshaft End-seals, Fuel filter, water pump, small box ontop of that is regulator for the Alternator, Head bolts, complete gasket set and the oil pan gasket under that, and finally the timing belt.

Mounted up the oilpan.


Crankshaft seal #1 in

Flywheel side cleaning, Ford has a habit of stamping EVERY little single part. even the valves had a ford logo on the stem!


Seal #2 in.


Dad pointed out there was a head bolt snapped in the block, which i haven’t noticed untill now. Apply heat liberally, welded a nut ontop and luckily it came out without more incident!

Proof it threads.

Tomorrow i’ll be getting the waterpump mounted up and hopefully lower the Head in place, and then it’s mostly minor parts to bolt on before i need to pull the old engine from the car.


Ordered oil pan plug and both bushings for the swaybar now that i have the engine out and it’s possible to get to them, same reason behind the fuel filter.