Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from last Monday through Tuesday. It includes a sideways Hilux, how to have fun in Vegas, reconsidering the BRZ and a million mile Mercedes 250SE Coupe.

DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE: The Story of Nigel Petrie's Toyota Hilux - RooWills


Some of you may be familiar with the name Nigel Petrie and Engineered to Slide. The drifting world has been abuzz with interest since he began sliding super-low Nissan Silvias a few years ago. However, his focus over the last three years has been on something much larger, something monumental. While his previous vehicles have been modified extensively, in his eyes they were never really his. So he set about building his own car. Who is this mad man you ask? Well he's a self taught fabricator from the Southeast Australian state of Victoria. What you are about to watch is the result of passion, dedication, patience and discipline. From design to build, he's done it all. Read more…

Mullets And A Maserati - Going Places - FORCORNERSTV

In the last episode of our web series "Going Places", I got chauffeured around Las Vegas in a Rally Fighter and my brother wore a t-shirt with a giant kitten on it. The day before that we made loud noises in a red Jaguar F-Type. Today we have a black Maserati, our camera gear, and a bag full of hair. Read more…

The BRZ: An Un-Love Story - Gatsby's Ghost

Due to the unique circumstances of my living situation (by way of which I'm living in England part-time for nine months), I spent almost a year shopping for cars, culminating with the decision about a month ago to buy my new BRZ. But the first time I drove that car, my impressions were actually pretty heavily colored by disappointment. Read more…


Million Mile 250SE Coupe is SoCal Owner's Daily Driver - MotoArigato


When searching for our next collector car, most of us specifically seek out lower-mileage examples and those with too many zeros are often scratched off the list. Rarely, however, there are extremely high-mileage cars that, for the sheer fact of their durability, and perhaps even utter will to survive, entrance us in a way that only a car with so many stories, owing to so many miles on the road, could tell. Realtor Ben Clopot is the enthusiastic owner of just such a car. Read more…

What if British Leyland hadn't screwed it all up? - Distraxi

In a recent discussion on what a stupid brilliant project sticking a Rover V8 in a Ford Ranchero would be, Biturbo228 commented that "BL should be used in the dictionary to exemplify 'missed opportunities'." Which got me thinking, how could that have been avoided? Which in turn led to: and what if it had been? Read more…


Weighing In On the Cost Cap Debate - Fractal Footwork


Many larger Formula 1 teams are very much anti-cost cap since money is the one thing keeping them in the lead, while smaller teams have been extremely vocal about implementing a cost cap system so that they can continue their time in Formula 1. Let's break down the cost cap debate, and theorize an entirely new set of rules for lowering the cost of participating in Formula 1 without diluting the racing that we love. Read more…

The Future Will Totally Suck - Arch Duke Maxyenko

There was an article published on Jalopnik saying that we as car enthusiasts are going to be all hunky-dory in the future with programs that will allow us to change up our cars performance on the fly. That all we'll need to do is download a program off of the internet and boom more power on a car that handles better and might also give you a handjob on a lonely night. But, let me tell you, that's not going to happen. Read more…


Test Driving A Porsche 996 Cabriolet In The Arizona Desert - puppyknuckles


When you have a chance to grab the keys to a Porsche and disappear into the Arizona desert for a few hours, you take it. It doesn't matter if it's the iconic 911, a spunky 914, a Boxster, or even (shudder) a Panamera, those few hours are a precious gift. Unlike the mean streets of Brooklyn, on which it's nearly impossible to find the limits of, say, a bicycle, the vast, smooth ribbons of asphalt across the scorched desert outside Phoenix beckon you to turn the radio off and mind-meld with the machine. I had such an opportunity to drive the capable, quick, and controversial 996 cabriolet. Can this Porsche help me find inner peace in the desert? Read more…

Celebrate Syncro de Mayo With This Type 2 Doppelkabine - TheDailyTurismo

Welcome to Syncro de Mayo, a May 5th celebration of all Volkswagen's four wheel drive system known as Syncro. Up first is a fantastic combination of VW's Syncro system in a factory El Caminoized double cab (Doka, which comes from the German word for double cab— Doppelkabine) Volkswagen Type 2 (T3). Read more…


Long Lost Hot Hatches - Vauxhall Chevette HS/HSR - AJTaylor


One of the main criticisms of the hot hatch by performance car snobs is that they are predominately 'wrong wheel drive'. Granted, there are anomalies such as the BMW 135i but the vast majority are powered by the front wheels. As you may have guessed from the above pic, the Chevette HS and HSR are most definitely rear wheel drive. What's better than a dab of oppo? Armfulls of it. Read more…

Organized Crime and Car Culture in Japan - TokyoBayAquaLine

When I go to Japan I'm well aware of the risks of making a mistake with anyone influential who is Japanese. Japanese men of power buy the services of the Yakuza, to "secure their place". This means that the Yakuza members are on their beck and call every minute of the day, under certain levels of priority. Read more…


How I drove the FiST and left without wanting to buy one - JayhawkJake


Given the way this car is talked about on here, I expected to be blown away. I was afraid to drive it if I'm honest, afraid I'd like it so much I'd commit seppuku for having purchased a Sonic RS only a few weeks before the Fiesta ST hit dealerships. I was afraid that I'd like it so much I'd have to take a huge financial hit on a trade in deal just to have one in my garage. Fortunately for me, that didn't happen, and I'm going to carefully explain why. Read more…

News From The Patent Office: Ford, Mazda Renew Familiar Names - Blake Noble

This just in from the US Patent and Trademark Office: In April, Ford renewed its ownership of the storied Lightning name while Mazda reclaimed the CX-7 name. Read more…


WRC Likely on the Brink of Collapse and How It Could Be Solved - Gabor Vajda


Sports you cannot put on TV screens are virtually non-existent. Airing rallying on live TV certainly have some serious issues. Question is, whether anyone cares to do it anymore and for what price. Read more…

Fantasy WRC Preview: Argentina - Hoccy

Rally Portugal turned out to be as entertaining as Rally Mexico. A lot of drivers showed the same pace as championship leader Sebastien Ogier, but lack of consistency proved that Ogier is still slightly better than the rest of the pack. It hurts a bit to say that, because I don't want the Loeb thing to happen again. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


Tot shared photos from Photos from Carrera of the Americas. Briannutter1 went to the ECTA Ohio Mile. Ttyymmnn photographed planes at the Air Power Expo 2014. PheeNoIVI shared photos from Laguna Seca, as did Baskingshark, who had a blast watching the Tudor series. Jagvar attended C&C in Great Falls and spotted an Audi A2. Twinturbobmw took photos at the Red Square Charity Car Show. Audi For Life visited Portland C&C. Speedmonkey drove the new Audi S1. Asphalt drove his Abart on County Road 106. JonathonW8 almost got a rental car stuck in an Italian street. JGrabowMSt picked up a Magnum RT and got started cleaning it up. Chiefstinky posted pictures from C&C Lagayette, CO. Willkinton247 went to Katie's C&C, as did J. David Buerk, who also went to Bethesda C&C. Jarod Rose visited a car museum. NinetyQ took in a Studebaker meet. CalzoneGolem showed us his former '49 Business Coupe project. AncientOfDays rebuilt the carb for his AMC Eagle. B. Body Burnout went to the Salt Flats and got stuck. CPNSLOW got new wheels for his BRZ. Arch Duke Maxyenko posted photos from an old Concours. NomadiKat showed us the cars of Cuba. Garrett Davis sold his 318ti. Chairman Kaga spotted a Smart Roadster. Heliochrome85 attended the Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance. Huzer bought a Focus ST.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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