Per David Tracy, the Raptor is “miserable” because of some fairly stupid reasons, paramount among which is his commentary on the mileage while towing:

My results over about 1,700 miles: 9.4 MPG.

Clean off your glasses and brighten the screen all you want, but that really does say 9.4 MPG. It’s a pathetic figure that made driving this truck on the highway genuinely miserable. Even though the ride was actually really quiet and smooth, having to fill up that 36-gallon tank every 350 miles pained my heart and pocketbook.

1,700 miles at 9.4 MPG: 180 gallons @ $2.42 (nat’l average) = $437 of gas. 5 stops for gas.

1,700 miles at 12 MPG: 141 gallons @ $2.42 (nat’l average) = $342 of gas. 4 stops for gas.

Delta: $95, one extra stop. Is that what misery is for a guy who has probably ingested more brake fluid in the past month than a Cuban mechanic does in a year?


Engineers: great with calculus, horrible with very simple math that unravels silly anecdotes.