Engineers of Oppo, riddle me this:

Why is the electrical station at Albarellos 3km downstream from the dam itself? I mean, wouldn’t it be better if the turbine is closest to the dam?

Dam (left) power station (right) estimated path of water (white line)

I mean, according to some environmentalists, the water has to travel five kilometers from the dam to the turbine in this Big Ass (TM) pipe, doesn’t the distance cause friction losses? and in a sense slow down the water causing pressure loss and at the same time slowing the turbine? I don’t know... I haven’t brushed up on thermodynamics yet (oh boy I cannot wait).

The pipe must be 3m in diameter.

According to my research, locals hate this dam, but more than anything, they hate the owners: Union Fenosa. When the dam was built little consideration was put to the environment, so apparently the structure caused the disappearance of some of the species of the Avia river, and it also murders fish because they either get ingested by the turbine, or they die since the water chemistry after the turbine is much worse than before the turbine (Something to do with the pressure and lack of oxygen)

It’s all bad, but at least it supplies energy to the whole area... which was Fenosa’s justification when a group of environmentalists sued for the closure and demolition of the dam. But apparently Fenosa isn’t finished fucking shit up. Apparently when they closed the plant for maintenance water level got so high that local councils had to prep up emergency plans, once it got way too high, they just opened up the flood gates without any consideration and flooded some houses.


Its all very weird, plus, these people fucking love dams. I mean, there’s one like 20km from here, in Castrelo. I will be visiting it.

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