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Engines galore!

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DaveDave reminded me that a while ago I started compiling a list of information on a couple of engines I was looking to swap into my Spitfire. As my work at the time was fairly tedious, that little spreadsheet grew and grew and grew until by now it covers nearly 1200 different engines. Thought it might interest some people to share it :)


Some info to help people navigate the mass of data:

  • The engines are arranged by manufacturer, then cylinder count, then age.
  • All power figures are in net bhp. Where only gross figures are available I haven’t included them, and any modified figures are from pictures of dyno readouts (sometimes with an admittedly crude calculation to convert whp to flywheel).
  • All weights are fully dressed. Where I can’t find a reliable source of the fully dressed weight I haven’t included it. Some of the weights are calculated from the weight of a base engine + the additional weight of whichever turbo they use.
  • Max rpm is typically the redline, but where I’ve found info of people consistently saying ‘you can take it up to x rpm no problem’ I’ve included that number.
  • It’s probably missing quite a few engines that have come out in the past 5 years or so, but hell it’s got ZIL V8s so swings and roundabouts ;)

Hope people find it interesting! My intention is that it’s a good little resource to use for potential engine swaps, and also for reliably gauging the weight of engines as I’ve already waded through the thousands of thread rants of people saying LS’ weigh nothing to find the one person who actually stuck his on a scale and posted the picture.

Oh, and if anyone’s got any other information that I can add and make it better please let me know! I’m particularly interested in the weight of engines fully dressed if people have any lying around in garages, and various dimensions to help people gauge whether something will fit or not :)


Happy scrolling!

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