In other words: what pretty cool car could you buy right now?

I’m a bit cheating here, because as a broke student I can’t really afford anything right now. But in a couple of years, let’s say I can buy myself something around €5k. Here are a couple of sweet options:

1. Alfa Romeo GTV with the sweeeet V6 3.0

I know what you’re thinking: Alfas are unreliable, plus V6, boom. But I think it might actually be doable, and if so, what a great DD! I still think these are seriously underapreciated right now.

2. Porsche 944


Base and un-perfekt 944s seem to still be attainable around here. But yeah, maintenance would be a bit costly.

3. Renault R5 (Phase 1)


I don’t know why, I just love these. They are cheap and uncomplicated. Two problems: rust, and also I’d have to keep my current car if I want to travel around France. But as a second car, this is actually very tempting.

Oppo, what is your favorite car that you could buy right now? Fire up the eBays!