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Enterprise starts its own subscription service

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And it’s simply called Subscribe with Enterprise, some higher up didn’t try too hard with a catchy name. Anyway, right now it seems it’s in pilot or something. Its only available in Nevada, Missouri and Minnesota. And its not cheap. Like at all. With a $250 enrollment fee, pricing is $1499/month. You sign up on line with them and go from there. Whats weird though is even after you are a “subscriber”, you still have to call and make a reservation for the vehicle. With the kind of money they are charging, you’d think there would be some kind of express service where you simple walk up, scan something and go. But here’s what that gets you:

Mileage: Up to 3000/month. The unique thing is that unused miles roll over. But it comes with a caveat that they explain: provided that at the end of the applicable calendar year, your mileage usage will be reconciled. That means that any unused miles will expire, and you will be billed an excess usage fee of $0.40 for each mile over the maximum.


You can swap vehicles up to 4 times per month and get to choose from their standard compliment of cars trucks and suv’s.

Insurance: There is physical damage protection included, but the person pays the first $1,000 and then Enterprise waives the responsibility of loss/damage to the vehicle. Liability is $100,000 liability coverage per accident for bodily injury to or death of one individual ;$300,000 liability coverage per accident for bodily injury to or death of more than one individual ;$50,000 per accident for injury to or destruction of property.


Maintenance: is all included as well as roadside assistance. Although like I mentioned before, not to beat my own drum here, but most roadside assistance outside of AAA is trash. Meaning you’ll be waiting hours for any kind of assistance.

But there you have it. Another company is jumping on board the subscription train and trying to make it a thing. However with its pricing, I don’t see it catching on or making it nation wide. The ability to switch cars is good, but you’re paying luxury car pricing for access to mainstream sedans. The mileage seems good on the surface, especially the rollover miles, but I would look farther than that numbers wise if I were interested in signing up. What do you guys think of it?

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