Entitlement [Updated]


And the Entitlement continues! I was surprised and confused when the fellow I thought owned the Mercedes doesn’t leave in it. I was even more surprised when lady in the shop, the lady who was helping us, says she needs to move her car, then hops into the Mercedes!

I was practically dumbfounded when she parked it. Granted, the spaces aren’t well marked any more, but this IS NOT a valid parking space. She’s actually parked across three spaces.


Don’t believe me? Here’s the same lot with a truck properly parked in one of those spaces.

In the end, the lady wasn’t really helpful at all. We spent five hours in her store and I ended up solving the problems while on the phone with customer service.



I get it - you’re dealing with some impairment. However, parking in front of the door is just not acceptable, especially when it saved you a whole ten feet of walking.


It’s been parked there for nearly an hour.

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