ENZY in the hood is Kia’s loveable cartoon gang

If I’m reading this trademark application correctly, two weeks ago the KIA Motors Corporation, the same one located at 231, Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, applied for a trademark for the image above, to include the characters and the ENZY in the Hood logo.

We know Kia has a fetish for fun and furry animals (SOUL-driving rapping hamsters). It appears the automaker is introducing an entire new cast of characters that look ready to take on the likes of Wazowski & Sullivan of Pixar’s Monsters, INC.
Are these characters part of some larger product move, like a newly designed Sedona? Is Kia trying to evolve into a family-orientated lifestyle brand? Maybe the Korean automaker simply wants to get into the business of creating animated movies.


Whatever the reason for this image it'll be interesting to see where the brand goes with this and what theater I'll be able to find it in.

Trademark Case File: http://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer…

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