So the EP3 CTR carpet finally came. I’ll be doing a full Jalopnik Garage post on this, so this is just a taste. My door is still MIA.

The Ep3 carpet was pretty dirty when I opened it up, but it looked like it wasn’t really caked in or ground in, it was just on top. So the first thing I did was vacuum it to make sure that any of the surface dirt and grime was picked up.


Then I liberally sprayed Spray & Wash on any noticeable spots, marks, or lines, and conservatively across the entire carpet. I then I used a microfiber cloth to dab/scrub. The vast majority of it came right up. The lines underneath where the panels/lining covered the carpet are mostly out, but not fully. More than good enough.


Finally, I made sure I hadn’t just wasted $100, and I put my old GA3 carpet over it. Almost a perfect match. All the holes line up (which is what I expected), most of the molding curves line up, too. The biggest difference is that the EP3 carpet (and the EK9 carpet), have no side wall molding for the carpet because the panels go down to the carpet, whereas in the GA3 the carpet curves up to meet the paneling/lining.

Given the fact the bottom of the GA3 doors is color matched metal, just like the outside, I actually think given the areas where the purchase does match, this will neither cause an issue for inserting the carpet nor present much if any visual incongruity. I won’t know until I go get the car and try to install it, but I’m thinking it’s going to work with minimal modification if any.