EPA's basis for Tesla Model 3 fuel savings

From the fine print: The average new vehicle gets 22 mpg and costs $12,600 to fuel over 5 years. Cost estimates are based on 15,000 miles per year at $0.12 per kW-hr [assumption for gas cars is $3.70 per gallon - there is a slight discrepancy between the fine print on the two graphics below].

Crunching my own numbers: (15,000/22) x $3.70 x 5 = $12,614

(15,000/100) x 27 x 0.12 x 5 = $2,430 (per kW-hrs/100 miles, not MPGe)

You’d save $2000 per year in fuel if this mileage/pricing applies to you. Would be interesting to compare this against the expected depreciation of a base Model 3 over 5 years.



(I believe this sticker is for the mid-range model - base may actually be more efficient, due to lighter weight)

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