What do you get when you stuff a blown 427 ford based dart engine into a fox body mustang? A car that runs 8 second quarter mile times on 17" wheels!

(This picture was taken during a Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords photoshoot after the owner won the NMRA true street class at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton PA. He drove 150 miles to the track, kicked everybody's ass, had to dismantle the first place trophy so it would fit in his car, and drove 150 miles back home. If that isn't a "true street" car, I don't know what is.)

I happen to be a part of many car forums around the internet, so I get to read about a lot of build threads that people start to show the progress of what they are currently working on. Every once in a while, you come across that car that is just so out in left field, and so extremely out of the ordinary, you have to ask "is that guy out of his mind?"


If this is what insanity looks like, tell me where to sign. The car we have today is a 1989 Ford Mustang LX. Built on the fox platform which ran from 1979 until 2004 (the platform was called the SN95 from 94-04 but it was still heavily fox based), the fox body mustang has always been a very popular platform for people to build off of. To this day, if you visit any drag strip you will see fox bodies all over tearing it up.


Now sure, seeing a fast mustang is nothing new, I mean they've been racing on the streets, the drag strips, and the road courses for years. (I can hear you yelling all the way from Europe "but Mustangs can't handle!", sssssshhh, yes they can!) But seeing a mustang that looks like your average 13 second bolt on street car, and watching it run with stripped out race cars all while having a full interior is certainly not something you'll find on every street corner.


Now, about the engine that motivates this car. Its a 427 Ford based Dart block with CNC'd TFS-R heads, 1.6 rockers, Hooker 2" primary long tube headers (thats massive, the headers on my marauder are 1 5/8" primaries), and 235lb/hr injectors. The engine breathes through an Edelbrock EFI Spyder Super Victor intake and a 90mm throttle body.


(Dem rockers!)

But it doesn't end there! As I said before, this car also comes with a gear driven Procharger F2. For those of you who don't know much about prochargers, the F2 is one of the baddest blowers they sell. It is capable of supporting up to 1600hp! Can I remind you that this is a street legal car that has never been towed to the track?


Now I'm sure a few people are scratching their heads heads saying "gear driven supercharger? why?" I'll tell you why. No belt slip! When you are running this large of a blower, which flows enough CFM to suck a newborn baby off the sidewalk and through the grille, the last thing you want is to worry about belt slip.



Now, in order to keep everything under the stock hood and not give away that the car is packing some serious heat, ingenuity was used to tuck a giant radiator into the engine bay.


(Look at the giant BOV's on the left!)


I think he pulled it off, this is what the car looks like all wrapped up and put back together.





(I bet you didn't even notice the 8.50 cage that this car has, go back and look at the A pillar very close)

Keeping with the street car theme, this car still has a full interior with a 10" sub in the trunk. It weighs in around 3600lbs with the driver.


I know we all like proof, so how about an in car video? See, it really does drive on the street!

At the track

9.34 @ 156.30mph

9.35 @ 153.65

Streetfire.net - 8.87 @ 160.77mph

I hope this can be a lesson to all of you that hit the track, no matter what kind of track it is. Never, ever, underestimate the car next to you. You never know what kind of crazy ass shit they have hiding under the body.


Quick Specs:

1989 Ford Mustang LX

Engine: 427 Dart Block

CnC'd TFS-R heads

Harland Shart Shaft mount 1.6 rockers

EFI Spyder super victor intake with custom intake elbow and 90mm throttlebody

Hooker 2" primary long tube headers

Geardriven Procharger F2

235lb/hr Injectors


SVTPerformance - 427ci Gear Driven Procharger Engine Build

SVTPerformance - New Personal Best - 8.87@ 160.77

(I hope this all saves okay, kinja sucks so hard when it comes to posting large threads)