I missed my tiny towns (pop. 100) 4th of July car show yesterday where usually about 100 cars show up. Oh well. I did however spot this and talk with the owner about it. I forgot to ask year but it looks to be a 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood. It has a FORD engine in it!!! All aftermarket small block and heads on it. 88 mm turbo!!! He said the fastest it’s gone is 11 in the 1/4. That’s a massive car to have going that fast!!! He said there is about five thousand dollars in the rear end. The reason for the Ford engine is the guy’s dad sold his drag Mustang and the engine was just sitting around and was easier to fit in the engine bay. They were planning on building a 500 Cadillac engine. I believe he said the tires in back were 18 inches wide! It was awesome.


Also saw a SSR. I still want one pretty bad.

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