Epic fails

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Here is our vicious cycle of law enforcement, communities, social services, media and the entire system failing one kid, and in turn failing 17 other people (and counting).

And once enough time passes, you’ll hear arguments about how even more guns will help prevent this. That just doesn’t hold up anymore. Until we lock down tighter (Swiss or Aussie-style), this will keep repeating. And the media sure isn’t helping, since I firmly believe the audience and attention given to these events play directly into warped minds.


Time to stop naming them, stop interviewing friends and family, stop giving them the attention they crave. Leave that to law enforcement. Even the ones who kill themselves ensure a sick legacy.

Finally, it seems like we have failed to “regulate” our “militia” and have failed our nation’s founders as a result. I support the Second Amendment, but the current implementation is just not working very well. It’s downright insulting to responsible gun owners, since that moniker has expanded to every nutjob without a felony on his record. I prefer to keep better company than that.


How much more do you want from a suspect? This sounds like one signed pre-confession after another:


Rant over, Sorry for any typos, I’m 100% mobile.

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