Usually I’ll avoid an undistilled rootbeer gloat, but I’m all kindz of awesome at what I do! All kindz!!

Preparing to head back to Albuquerque now after working in Orlando since last Friday. The main highlight being a near 25% generation of the departmental sales this week for a store wirhin our new account. All the associates responded well to teaching and training. My manager recommended me for advising another coworker and herself on a product knowledge matter. I read through Job and Matthew over three days. It was refreshing and reassuring!

It’s awesome knowing you are improving more and more daily but the level you are currently at still can surpass expectations. Can’t wait to see the quality of service I will be able to provide in another two/twelve/twenty years.

I’ll be off(-ish) from work over the weekend so I’ll continue on some music (mostly this Messaienic Marimba and Piano duet) and get some of these old drafts done and posted so that I can contribute to #Content. It’s hard having enough time to actually interact on here, but I do checkout (and go back to) all your Dream Garage, BYOB, and other suggestions/answers to the silly questions I raise.

Thank you all as always!

-W. Obadiah DiBrian