No spoilers I believe.

With the exception of the second episode, which was entertaining— but not really a car show— GT has seemed awkwardly similar to the old TG. Many of us were skeptical after the first few episodes, but personally, I am now sold.

It finally clicked in my mind. A big part of the humor is that they decided to make the same show they had with the BBC, but more authentic. And instead of avoiding the trademarks they lost in the “divorce”, they satirize every bit by taking it to its corniest extreme.

Conversation Talk.


Killing the celebrity guest to avoid an interview.

Not the Stig jokes about the American, who is the Stig’s opposite as he talks too much.

Back to the studio™ tent.

And with that bombshell™ terrible disappointment, it’s time to end.

Rather than concede their ideas to the BBC and TG forever, they just make the same joke while giving their former employers a theatrical middle finger of sorts. They walk right up to the legal limit and wave hello.

What did you all think of it?


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