Andreas Bakkerud, probably not known by most oppos in any way, are about to finish his debut season in the supercar class in the European Rallycross Championship (ERC). Despite having a much lower budget than other drivers in the series, he has won two rounds this year (Sweden and France), beating drivers like Petter Solberg, Sebastien Loeb and Tanner Foust.

At the start of the season the 21-year old from Bergen made a bet with the guys that broadcast the ERC, that if he won a round this year he would hitchhike from Bergen in Norway to the last round in Germany. And since he already won two, he will start the trip after this weekends round in Austria. So on Tuesday the 17th, 9 o'clock he goes from Bergen, through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and to Hamburg, where the final round is.

So, if there are any opponauts that wants to help a top-level racedriver in trouble, here's your chance! You'll also probably get on TV, because the broadcasters don't want him to cheat!

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