Interestingly enough I caught both of these movies in the past week.

I've seen the NY version plenty of times and while it seems a bit "low rent" compared to some of today's films and the technology seems dated (that's every movie with tech as it ages) it is far and away a better film than the LA version. I'd seen bits and pieces of LA before and finally caught it all the way to the end. Maybe it was my television, but the "special effects" of LA were.........BAD. It was evident in a few scenes that they were shooting with a blank background that was later covered over with the intended background. And the outlandishness.... I can understand some over the top stuff (in NY, Kurt Russel lands a glider atop of the World Trade Center), but HANG GLIDERS that never seem to want to touch down to land WITHOUT the aid of an engine and oh yeah, supreme turning ability while traveling 3 MPH. Also, worst performance by Steve Buscemi ever. I think if this had been his first big role it would have been his last.

More Escape from pics

ALmost forgot.....Snake Plissken SURFING?!! GTFAC!!!


I'm even more saddened at the 83 Cougar in this snippet....

I know, all in all not very car related, but I felt the need to post.