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Escorts, graduated

During the 1970s and 1980s Ford and other makers were fond of providing a carefully graduated range of variations on the same theme and the Escort Mk2 was a good example. Here we find a range I saw last weekend.

To begin, the mean one. Just an Escort. That would be the 1.1 base.


Able to push the boat out a little? This one steps up to the 1.3 engine and L trim.


Feel like going even further? Let’s have a 1.3GL. This would have been quite posh at the time and was definitely a car for the person with notions. Still the same four speed manual box (and manual everything else) obviously. Note the rubber bumper inserts and over riders, part of the GL luxuries.


Now let’s really go for it. Ghia trim and the 1.6 engine. Very much a car for the well heeled who didn’t need something bigger. This particular one even had the unusual luxury of an automatic box so the owner was somebody not bothered about higher fuel bills. No over riders for whatever reason. Rear spoiler not standard.


Feeling sporty? The red one to the left is a Mexico, so higher powered 1.6 engine and sporty add-ons. Genuine ones (the other exist too!) are worth quite big money.

If you were really into your expensive Escorts, the RS2000 (special twin headlight front end) and RS1800 (twin cam BDA engine) were available..

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