So I bought one of these little dashcams on amazon earlier in the week when it was on sale for 50$. The price is back up to 60$ but it is definitely worth it. The video it shoots is incredibly nice, the audio capture is good, it is light (if a bit plasticky), and the user interface is a bit clunky (hint - you use the lock button in the UI a LOT) but it is a full featured dash cam. You can snap instant pics, it has a G-sensor, a motion-sensor mode, multiple camera adjustments to compensate for lighting/position in your car, a date/time stamp, and more. I'm a bit bummed I forgot to lock in the video of the CR-V trying to go the wrong way down the one way but the camera was set at default to record over the previous video after half an hour. It breaks it up into 3 minute increments on default but I bumped it up to 5. Put in a 32GB micro SD card and you have plenty of space. Pressing the lock button saves the previous segment and saves the recording from then until either the battery dies, you run out of storage, or you power off the unit.

All in all, seems like a solid dashcam for cheap. 8 or 16gb cards can be had for 10 bucks or so. So even at 70$ for lesser storage, it's a good buy. I paid 70$ for it and a 32GB card to be two day shipped to my door. Worth every penny so far. I'll try and post a video or two later in the week.