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Especially obnoxious today

I took the day off of work to pick up a rental and arrange to have the LS towed. Finally home.

I bought the LS because I needed a sizeable trunk or backseat for hauling tubas. (Not a joke.) Eventually I would buy a Miata as a DD as used NDs became reasonable. The bonus was that the LS was RWD and supposedly super reliable. Actually, the engine has been pretty bullet proof. Fuel pumps, water pumps, a/c compressors, on the other hand...


To get an auto loan with my credit union, I need to buy something newish. But...but...LOOK. Big trunk! Rear wheel drive!


This one is especially pretty, with a cloth interior:


OMG it’s so brown and beautiful and I could register it as a classic car and and I waaaaaaant it but I don’t have $3k in cash:


(It would also be unbearably slow. Say what you will about the LS’s tendency to break parts, that 4,000 lb paperweight would get up and go when I stepped on the pedal. Doubt a Panther running the Windsor 5.0 on a three speed slush box is going to move with any haste.)

All in all, I’m going to need to get something that I can count on for more than two or three years. And the last car that did that for me was the Miata, which I purchased with only 28k miles on the odometer, for about $14k. If I’m going to buy another used car and expect it to last, I don’t know if I can trust a sub $10k beater that’s already got 100k on the odometer.


Oh look oh look, it’s like the modern version of the Geo Metro I drove in college! The basest base car of all base cars! IT HAS THREE PEDALS!!!


Ugh. I wish I was a little smarter with money and know...savings.

I wonder if I can fit a tuba into a new Mazda 2 Scion iA Toyota Yaris iA.

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