Braved the bugs to rip into the ol’ parts car some more. Gave up though because it rained a lot lately, and there were a LOT of bugs.

If you remember where we left off, I had removed the driver’s side fender to access some nuts and wiring.


Well I need to get the passenger fender off too so I can remove the HVAC housing, and save the (hopefully rust free unlike the driver’s side) inner wheel well for my Trans Am. Mine has a couple large holes cut into it. Stupid easy way to access the blower motor, but the Esprit’s is un-cut and from what I can see, perfect.

So I started with the remainder of the bumper cover, unplugging the lighting harness and un-bolting the bumper from the remaining fender and core support. After finding a row of plastic clips still holding on the bottom of the fascia, and the hood release’s two bolts it came right off once they were removed.


Revealing the LEAST rusty part on the whole car! So un-rusty, I only broke ONE bolt, and it was at the top of the bumper cover, nowhere near the rust-line.


I’ll get to that other fender another day, and start attacking the rest of the bits around the engine before THAT fun day gets here. For now I guess I can clean up and dismantle the front bumper cover.... it might make a nice wallhanger. I was never a fan of the ‘79-81 nose, but the look is growing on me.

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