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For the latest instalment in my series on European car sales stats let’s turn to Spain, country of jalapeno, tortillas and tacos paella, rioja and jamón ibérico (Spain /=/ Mexico) and find ourselves some estadísticas de automóviles de tourismo.

Do Seat reign supreme? Do the Spaniards share the love for the VW Golf found nearly everywhere else in Europe? Have Subaru any more of a clue about how to sell a car here than they do anywhere else in Europe outside Switzerland?


To which we can answer: Not really, yes and no. So let’s have the top ten models for the first nine months:

Citroen C4 (now there’s a surprise)

Seat Leon

Seat Ibiza

Renault Mégane (which is made in Spain)


Polo (made in Spain)

Dacia Sandero (yaaay!)

Renault Clio

Nissan Qashqai

Opel Corsa (also made in Spain)

No signs of the Fiesta despite being made in Spain. No, I’ve no idea why the Spanish are so fond of a rather dreary Citroen (the Cactus is made there but not the C4). Subaru are nowhere and remain an answer to a question asked by Americans.


Interestingly the Golf was no 2 in September and the diesel percentage was unchanged at 63% so Spaniards are not unduly bothered about diesel “cheating” thus far.

Also interestingly, Spain does not into Tesla. Fourteen sold in 2014, eight so far this year.

Top makes are:











Of these ten, only one doesn’t have a plant in Spain. Which one is it?

Have a Spanish paella.

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