Ether-T? Yes Please! (or how I went for a walk and drove back home)

You! Yes you! Stop whatever you are doing, and go buy yourself an E30! Or go for a walk! Or both.

Let me explain.

Few months ago, when asked about BMW E30s, I would reply: " While a capable car, I do fear they are overrated and their joy and value are overinflated in the eyes of the people who want them!"


Faith is a cruel mistress, and I quickly found out, just how wrong I was.

Not long after making that statement, I happened to walk down some street in some town, as one frequently does, looking for something interesting or just getting somewhere where something interesting may occur or be generated.

I bumped into the owner of this BMW E30 Convertible, and before I knew it, I was driving back home in a new car (new to me!).


For those of you who would like to park their interesting cars in the area I go for walks in, do let me know ;-)

Do not worry though, dear readers, for I have not lost all my wits. I did check & confirm that it is a 325, with a manual, and leather interior, and original BBS alloys, and in great overall health, and with full history, with the last owner cherishing it for the last 7 years.


But lets get back to the BMW E30 experience!

And what an experience it is! the 325 pulls effortlessly, with just about enough power for a convertible.


The chassis feels very solid (for a convertible again), and the manual gearbox is very precise and predictable. Everything works as it did in 1989, which is a testament to the quality of the car.

With no modifications on this example, the weight transfer in the corners, and the heavier steering are the only things reminding us that this is a 25 year old car. Otherwise, it feels very sharp, fresh and balanced, with just about the right amount of everything, whether you need torque, grip, or space, or highway speed & ability to commute in it.


Despite that however, the BMW E30 was never on my bucket list. It got added to it by the time I drove it home.


Best part is, by the time I added it to my bucket list of cars to drive, it was already mine. Lucky coincidence I guess.

So, tell me, what car should I be looking for when I am next walking around my neighborhood?


Meanwhile, go for a walk! and if you do come across a good E30, trust me, just get it!

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