I want to buy a 5-10 year old sport touring bike sometime in the next 6 months, my eye is on an FJR1300 but will test ride a Honda ST 1300 and Kawi Concours if available. Anyway, I’ve only test ridden a bike at a dealer once, and that was at an Indian dealer in mid February who practically begged me to take a new Scout 60 for a spin (which I did). My question is, before asking to take a test ride, I figure the dealer wants to weed out joy riders from actual interested purchasers. I can understand wanting to run a credit check, but if I want to test ride bikes from multiple dealers, I don’t want a bunch of hard credit pulls dinging my score. I do plan on putting at least $2k down on this bike, which would be probably about 1/3 of the cost for the kind I’m looking for.

What does a reasonable salesperson look for before handing over the keys to a ~$6,000 motorcycle to a near-stranger? What can I do to ease the process without dinging my credit score? Thanks.