Eur-Oppos....looking for Spa advice

I’ll have a few spare days the week of August 21 after I leave Ireland before returning to the US. I am thinking of heading over to Spa for the F1 race, and leaving for home from Belgium. I’ll likely be able to fly from Dublin on Tue/Wed Aug 22/23.

There appear to be tickets available for Sunday-only on the official F1 site (weekend is sold out). On the SPA official site, Sunday is sold out but Saturday is available. Green parking is available for all days. (I’ll likely be coming from the south.) There are also third party sites that seem to have tickets, not sure how legit they are. Any thoughts appreciated.


Am I nuts trying to plan this so late? I am checking hotels and AirBnB right now, I don’t mind driving an hour to and from the track, but I will assume twice as long w/traffic on Sunday. I have relatives in northern Lux so I may stay there.

So, I haven’t checked rental car costs (one way) but my first idea was:

1) Fly into Milan, and drive over the Alps, possibly hitting Stuttgart for the Porsche Museum on the way to Spa. Not sure I’d really have enough time to enjoy all this.


2) Fly into Frankfurt-Hahn, head down to Porsche (and Mercedes) museums, then head back towards Belgium.

3) Fly into Brussels, see Bruges, etc.

I’m open to any and all suggestions....thanks!

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