Today from Meaux, France, we have possibly the most Jalop of french rides. A diesel, stick, 4x4 wagon, by Dangel. Dangel made 4x4 versions of the 504 and 505, and still converts cars for Peugeot and Citroen today. Built for pretty serious off road duty, the original system was designed in conjunction with Peugeot's own engineers on the 504. Hell they even had a group B 504 pickup that used this system.

This 89 505 GRD is much more sedate than that, having something like 85 horsepower. Pretty nice condition. I think the last time I saw one sell on these shores it went for around 15 grand, so the equation is pretty simple. I could have it over for 13 all in, although that would depend on the production date. If it was 12/88 then all would be ok in a few months. Is it rare and crazy enough to be worth that kind of coin? Kind of like a French AMC Eagle... Linky