Euro Meet! (EurOppo and Non-EurOppoMeet)

Now that the official EurOppoMeet is behind us and all of its members are slowly getting off the EurOppo high, it is safe to somewhat start thinking about a summer meet, a part 2 of sorts.

We’ve (the EurOppo whatsapp group) have been discussing several options and decided that basically all of our plans could be official EurOppoMeet part 2 locations/events.

Im not going to create a poll to decide which event and/or location will be the actual EurOppoMeet Part 2 location/event, instead, all of the options listed below are actually events and locations in which there will be quite a significant number of EurOppo members, making a mini EurOppoMeet Part 2 possible!


Event 1: Classic Le Mans: 6, 7, 8 July 2018:

The name says it all. The French Goodwood, if you will. The place and time to see, hear, feel and experience proper Le Mans classics battling it out on the official Le Mans track. This will be my personal favorite and the event I’ll be attending for sure.


Event 2: Nurburgring Nordschleife, Date TBD:

This is more a location, rather than an event, but there is still the option to host this meet alongside an event at the Nordschleife. The date(s) have yet to be decided for this option, but I’m guessing somewhere in June/July. Quite a bunch of EurOppo’s have expressed interest in this option, so stay tuned for a date soon!


Event 3: Schloss Dyck Classic Days 2018: 3, 4, 5 August 2018:

The Goodwood of Germany! If you love classic cars, a good atmosphere, that vintage feeling of walking through German landscape with your Lederhosen, this is the event for you! On a more serious note, the event oozes class and style and is being held at a stunning location too. Another event with quite a few EurOppos interested in going.


More info:

I’d just like to express that none of these options are mutually exclusive. If you’re thinking of visiting all of the events, the more, the merrier!


This post is merely meant as an informative post towards the Oppo crowd and a bit of a gauging for me.

For the US Oppo’s thinking of joining in, with the last EurOppoMeet, we had a US Oppomember fly over and rent a car to join in on the meet. From what I heard, fun was had!


Post your thinking and comments in the comment section and let me know what event youre thinking of joining!

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