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With our absolutely brilliant 5-day March Wales behind us it’s time to talk about future European meets. We’ve got another 3 planned for 2018: Le Mans Classic July 6-8, Schloss Dyck Classic Days 3-5 August and Nürburgring (including driving it ourselves) during a TBD weekend in September. Who wants to join us?

As the previous post about our schedule by DutchieDC2R was mostly overlooked I thought I’d write one as well. I shamelessly use his text to describe Le Mans Classics and Schloss Dyck Classic Days though.


Event 1: Classic Le Mans: 6, 7, 8 July 2018:

The name says it all. The French Goodwood, if you will. The place and time to see, hear, feel and experience proper Le Mans classics battling it out on the official Le Mans track.


Event 2: Schloss Dyck Classic Days 2018: 3, 4, 5 August 2018:


The Goodwood of Germany! If you love classic cars, a good atmosphere, that vintage feeling of walking through German landscape with your Lederhosen, this is the event for you! On a more serious note, the event oozes class and style and is being held at a stunning location too. Another event with quite a few EurOppos interested in going.

More info:

Event 3: Nürburgring Nordschleife, Date TBD:


Similar to last year we’ll be going back to the Nürburgring! Maybe watch a race (if the timing is right), definitely drive the track ourselves. As Out, but with a W commented, the weekends of 1-2 and 22-23 September (plus maybe a Friday or Monday) are the most likely due to VLN races on those Saturdays, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

How did we spend our time during previous multi-day meets?

During Wales in March 2018, the Alps in June 2017 and the Nürburgring in March 2017 we arranged (optional) sleeping arrangements at a convenient location (<£20 a night a person in Wales) with the ability to socialize at night. Besides the events we went to we had set out fun and/or otherwise interesting routes for the day time. Also see Klaus Schmoll’s description of our Wales trip:


Who’s welcome to join?


Everyone, obviously. We had 6 different nationalities (including American) in Wales and 6 in the Alps too. No time? Stay one day. No car? No problem, lots of passenger seats available. Slow car? Slow car fast! Rather young or old? That’s fine, as long as you don’t leak fluids everywhere (LHM leaks accepted).

I only have time/money for one of these!?!

To steal from DutchieDC2R again: I’d just like to express that none of these options are mutually exclusive. Stay one day at one event or visit them all, the more, the merrier!




We try to keep these as budget friendly as possible, although you’re obviously free to spend more on more luxurious options. Wales was <£20 a night a person in the cottages, food and drinks are what you expect from any other first world country I guess (although Germany is particularly cheap in this regard), fuel depends on how much and what you drive, rental cars are relatively cheap too.


We’ve got a mailing list that’s only used occasionally. Additionally there are multiple whatsapp groups. If you want in on those, let me know. I’ve added a poll where you can add information as well.


As an aside, I’m slightly disappointed (in myself included) that no one other than Klaus Schmoll has taken the time to write a full story about our epic Wales trip. Come on guys!


Also, maybe gmporschenut can shed some light on how much such a thing (tickets plus rental/food/travel/other per day) would cost if you fly in from the other side of the Atlantic.

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