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Euro Opponauts, which are our everyman hero cars?

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Despite the overseas reality, we in the Old World are more limited regarding high performance cars, largely for physical and to some extent also social reasons. Supercars may be the reigning kings of the autobahnen and autostradas, but they're too expensive for the average person, too wide for many roads, and attract too much attention for some. Muscle cars offer a more favourable speed-for-money ratio, but they're still too large and draw too much attention. Automatically excluding the previously mentioned vehicles, what could be considered a real-world performance car in Europe?


So far the list I made in the top of my head was:
- Anything Cosworth
- V8 Rovers
- Turbo Imprezas and Lancers
- Anything Renaultsport
- 190E 2,3-16V (debatable)
- E30 and E36 M3
- ST and RS cars
- Abarth cars
- Delta Integrale
- Turbo Volvos and Saabs
- Mini Cooper/S/1275GT
- Sunny GTI-R
- Golf GTI/R32/R
- 205 and 306 GTI

Obviously I'm certain there are a lot more I can't remember. So my continental breathen, which realistic performance cars am I missing?

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