So, here is the deal... I’m thinking of getting myself a Peugeot 106 S16 2nd generation here in Japan. I’ve wanted one for a few months now and while the Delta is getting prepped, my wife could use it to practice driving a LHD car. But then I would have to sell it in a few months... The car would probably have around 130.000km and would be around 4000€ landed (shipping to whatever port included). I “do my own invoice” too, so importation costs would be minimum...

I understand that a 4000€ Peugeot 106 S16 in very good condition with low-ish mileage is quite a bit under market value, but my goal would be to simply resell the car after a few months without losing money on it (granted that I don’T break anything... that’s another story :D )

Not looking for a buyer, but just opinions from you guys if you think selling a 106 S16 at this price would be doable... If not I might just send it to myself in France and have it replace my Mini there... Not sure yet.


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