Can anyone assist with a UK plate look up? Particularly on the historical side.

Many moons ago, when car specific forums were still active with the buzz of we can connect with other owners in our own little safe space, I met a guy who lives in the UK and owned the same Audi Cabriolet as me. We were both rebuilding our cars. We both wanted what we couldn’t have - I wanted the euro taillights and he wanted the US spec. So after many months of chatting we decided we trust each other enough to take the risk and shipped our taillights across the pond to each other! Additionally we both provided a place from our homes. I’ve had this yellow license plate for so many years now, but I know nothing about it. I recently started digging and determined, surprise, it’s not registered to anything currently. So now I want to know it’s history


For story reference, I went from this

To this, I ended up putting the euro plate behind the US plate for a bit:

This was one of my favorite cars, which is why the TN plate is also hanging on the wall

Can anyone help with a look up to provide some history of the plate in the top pic? RA04 PKZ

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