Euro plates on US soil

Unusual among US territories, Puerto Rico’s government issues euro-style license plates with standard plate numbers to anyone who solicits them. I’m not sure of the rationale behind it, but it seems sorta popular among a certain subset of auto owners. However, instead of just lifting the design straight out of the standard EU number plate template, it looks like PRDOT phoned in the description and settled with whatever came out as a result.

The picture above shows the intended application, a typical European luxury car. Two issues are immediately evident: the narrow lettering is not much larger than the lettering on standard plates (could’ve been wider), and the background image doesn’t contrast well with the lettering (could’ve learned something from the Flagship Niagara plates). There was an older style without the background image but with the same number font.


The most common use case, though, is to put euro plates on economy cars. Luckily, this Elantra had an appropriately sized space for the plate.

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