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Euro Tails!

I’ve always been fascinated by ‘Euro Tails’. Tail lights that European, Japanese, Australian, and otherworldly markets that DEMAND an amber rear turn signal that do not come standard on American cars, which are usually all-red.

When I had a couple Neons back in the day it was popular to install Euro tails, with an amber section, and I liked the way they looked.

My first Crown Vic had an amber turn signal back there, but they deleted that on later models and went to an ugly all red version. The amber one looked much more stately.


With my Subarus, strangely, amber WAS a US option, but the JDM versions had white lenses with amber bulbs. Hmm.

I’ve known the 2nd gen Trans Am was exported in VERY small numbers, and when a picture of one pops up on my Facebook or Twitter or Instagram from one of the pages I follow, I get all kinds of sad that I’ll probably never find a set of those ultra-rare tail lights.


In fact, there’s so little info out there, or pictures, and there seem to be a few different styles even. Sadly, most older forum posts have old expired Photobucket images linked, so I can’t even see or link them here.


What I have found out is that they’re being made custom now, and the factory RPO code was T90. I cannot verify what the differences are, or why that last picture has just TWO amber strips and not 3 like the others.

But I do fancy me a set.

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