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Eurohaus Motorsports - A History of "getting away with it."

I'm sure everyone saw Patrick's link to the story.

The shop quickly took down their Facebook page that day. But he is still very busy trying to cover up the whole thing with removal requests for bad reviews. A couple of other people he's screwed have tried to get their stories out there. He's one of the most stubborn and bullheaded people I've ever met...probably because for over 20 years, it's worked.


Another guy he's defrauded pointed me to the prior names of his businesses.

Euro-sport, INC 1994-1997


Euroasian Motorsports, INC 2001-2006


EURO SPORT, LLC and Eurohaus Motorsports, LLC 2009-2011


Notice the "Registered Agent" for all of those businesses.

It appears this might be the third or fourth time he's operated without a license, only to create a "new" business with a new name and proceed, business as usual. Leaving a trail of judgements and liens in his wake.

The next step in the pattern would be to sign up as a "new" business with some variation of the word "Euro." We'll see.

He's had friends post hyperbolically positive reviews on Google and Yelp. Oh, and bimmershops.com won't run bad reviews for shops, so take their site with a grain of salt.


I was also told that I probably won't need to take him to court because, "why would you go to the trouble and expense of setting up a fireworks show in your backyard if the state was about to do their own fireworks extravaganza?"

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