Europe has better rental cars than we do

Just got back from taking the fam to Denmark and Italy for the Holidays. Since we are a family of six no small and zippy little hatch would do. In Copenhagen I rented a Opel Zafira with a manual. It was a bit small for us but since we didn’t have to cart around our luggage while we were there (one of my daughters lives there at the moment) it was sufficient. In Italy I got a manual diesel Ford Transit. I fell in love with it. It was a fucking Goliath compared to all the tiny city and micro cars plying the streets of Rome and Florence but man was it fun to drive. Somehow managed to not take a single photo of either but I loved all the amenities both were equipped with. Basically they were both what we would consider the top trim levels but with cloth instead of leather seating (which I honestly prefer).

My only regret is that my kids are adults so replacing my wife’s minivan with a new Transit just doesn’t make sense.

Stock photo because I lack foresight
Stock photo because I lack insight

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