Exciting news, my girlfriend and I have finally settled on plans and booked flights for our upcoming trip to Europe! We were originally thinking of doing a road trip in Southern France, but that started getting expensive as we added things up. We were able to find a very cheap one-way flight from NY to Rome, Italy for $253 (ALL FEES INCLUDED!!). So that is where we will be spending a week End of May - Early June. In Italy we plan to split the week between Rome and Naples with a cheap+quick train ride between the two. Maybe getting a rental car for a day or two and checking out the Almafi Coast.

The only catch to this super cheap flight is that we have an 18 hour layover in Bergen, Norway. Now since this is a long enough layover, we plan to stay at an airbnb in the city that night and rent a car for the duration. This way we can easily get to the airport for the 7am flight (taxi cost would have been pricey) and also to go check out some of the surrounding area. We do not have a whole lot of time (half a day basically) so we can only really pick one thing to see. So right now I am trying to figure out the best use of our time to see a Fjord.

Other unplanned portion is how we are getting home. Right now the plan is to find a cheap way to get from Rome to London and then find the cheapest flight back to NY. From what I have found, using google flights to determine the cheapest destination is the best way to travel about Europe. We don’t mind multi-day “layovers” because that means we can explore that new area. Tentative plan is to fly Rome-Brussels for like $30, spend a day there, take the Eurostar to London, and fly home from there.