Earlier today, my girlfriend and I booked some flights to Europe and came up with a tentative plan. Flying to Rome, Italy via Bergen, Norway (from NY). Spending a day in Norway with a rental car. Then spending the week in Italy and somehow getting home.

Well now we have booked a return flight and figured out the rest of the details! We are now returning with a direct flight from Naples to NY on Monday 6/5 (heading out there Friday 5/27). That flight was just shy of $300 which is great! Round trip flying cost of ~$550.

Anyways, the fun part of the adventure is now we are going to use the extra time in Italy to plan out a fun road trip! So overall, the time spent in Italy will be split between Rome (not driving), Tuscany (lots of driving), and the Amalfi Coast (more driving). Right now the plan is to spend the first few days in Rome, then rent a car and head up to Tuscany (not sure where, but fun roads should be plentiful!), and then head down to the Amalfi coast for a few days, and fly out of Naples on Monday.


Now, what I need to figure out are some super fun driving roads to hit up! Thanks to the suggestion, we will try to have a route pass by the Ferarri Factory/Muesum and do a tour there. We also need to make sure we sample some of the best food in the region and put the rental car to it’s limits (shouldnt be too hard with a cheapo European car). Not sure what car I will get but at least no matter what it will be manual!!