I bought my first rear-engined European car ...

Okay not that one. That would be total idiocy to put on a ride-sharing service ... unless you were the one renting it (I would definitely rent it... okay just checked, none available).

I got this instead, its much more reasonable for the rentee.


But seriously this thing is dope as $hit for the money, and they are collapsing in price.

At www.carlypso.com we’ve been analyzing a ton of data to see what best fits the ride-sharing crowd. And recently, we’ve been helping junior fleet builders who wanted GetAround or RelayRides Smart cars for $6k or less - (even with options like power steering, etc). Here’s why it works:

  • Most of them are still under warranty (2013+) so no unnerving out of schedule maintenance costs
  • Tires and brakes are seriously cheap when this thing rides on wheelbarrow wheels (~$70/tire and $27 for a set of pads)
  • Renters love them because they’re cheap to rent, and it still pays off for the rentee


2013 Smart Pure - ~20k miles - $5.5k. Thats almost cheaper than walking. Mine is going to go on GetAround soon, and even our employees have been renting these little suckers out.

Here’s some quick math based on early results of our personal fleets of rental cars (bear in mind actual results vary hugely depending on where you are). Here’s a breakdown based on one of our employees early results of renting the car in Berkeley, admittedly I’m doing a bit worse than him with my car in Burlingame, CA and on Turo.com (please rent it).