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European Road Trip - Any Oppos in Europe with Recommendations?

My wife and I are getting ready to start a European road trip from Paris to Stuttgart to Geneva to Florance. We have a day to drive to each city and a day or two at each. Except for Florance where we are ditching the car and letting others drive us if we need to be driven.

The drive times seem to be reasonable between each city. We are going to try to plan a stop or two each day. Right now we have no stops planned but will be looking for them soon.

I’m posting this now hoping there are some Oppo’s in Europe with recommendations or tips.


This will be my first-time driving extensively in Europe. I’ve done short trips before driving with locals in the car from Germany to France and a bit in Italy. I’ve also been in cars going from country to country when my parents lived in Austria so I know to expect things like pay tolls/taxes at the last stop before going to a new country but I’m not exactly sure what to expect going from country to country.

All that said looking for any tips on driving, going between countries, or stops in between destinations.

Here’s our route subject to change (see image). The destinations are Paris (where we land, be tourist for a day or two then pick up the car), Stuttgart (where we will go to October fest), Geneva (where we are touring the LHC), then to Florance (where we are staying to drink/eat for a bit)...then we’ll take a train to the coast before heading home.

All of this is starts on 9/21.

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