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European road trip brainstorming

So, next year my girlfriend and I are looking to do a week long trip to Europe which will involve driving some scenic roads and visiting smallish towns along the way. I know that most of Europe is able to be traveled without a car but it’s something I have really wanted to experience. Now we just have to figure out where to go! We are really open for anything but we prefer oceanside drives (or sea/river/Lake areas) and warm (60F+) weather. My questions are, where would be the best place to go and when?

One thing we are considering is the French/Italian riviera. During that trip we would try to visit Nice, Monaco, and other places in that area. Seemed expensive but not unreasonable. Plan would be fly out of NY Friday night and arrive somewhere Saturday afternoon, relax to get the jetlag out, spend Sunday just walking around the first location, then Monday through Friday driving places, and heading home Saturday at some point.


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