Below are the picture evidence of the Europporally points that we hit. DutchieDC2R and I had a great time to race between all these points, and tried our best to hit as many places as possible, while completing a lot of side missions. (A hike of 30-45 minutes to get to 3 castles exhausted us quite a bit though, meaning we decided to cut the day short at the end) In case a picture needs explanation there’ll be a line beneath the pics. Let’s see what our score is!

(Ps: this post was delayed by a few days, due to horrible internet access in the Airbnb locations we rented. All pictures were shot on Tuesday)

Cars as a French flag, all three french
More than 8 cylinders (V10) and most expensive when also counting the Maserati
Peugeot J7 that just finished unloading bread
Renault Estafette
Highest point, as well as a col sign
Find your car’s twin! We even stopped traffic to take this pic (find the 3rd Twingo)
Maison du Fromage
Mercedes AMG GTS, possibly the most expensive
Fountain Eguisheim
Rue des Écoles and Quai de la Poissonnerie
The cathedral accross from l’Amandine
One of the 3 castles we hiked to
Taken from Chateau Saint-Ulrich, with Chateau du Giersberg in the background
Another expensive car!
A Renault Goelette, Also the oldest car seen
Car in the entry of a Vinyard
A Dyane Van! (aka the Acadiane)
Féerie de Noël,with the Dolder tower in the background. This store sells christmas decorations year round
Car without cylinders
Musée des eaux de vie
Got Wood?
A Col sign! And a Picasso ;p
Another col
Artsy picasso. Clearly one of his earlier more realistic works

And finally a video, in which the Twingo attacks the descend of a col:

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