Mountain sunset, featuring Out, but with a W’s answer.

Three weeks ago a bunch of Europpos were hooning across central Europe for the Alpine edition of the 2018 Europpomeet. I will be doing a multi-part write-up of the events and stuff we came across during the meet. Today part 4!

The 80's have arrived in the mountains! The PRV kept soldiering on.

Having woken up in the town of Tolmezzo, Italy, it was time to head back onto the road, and back into Austria. During this day we were going to drive some awesome mountain passes, learn something about the first world war in the alps, and did I mention the roads?

It’s the MX-5 fanclub! Oh no wait it’s just Out, but with a W and gmporschenut

The first leg of our journey would take us to the Museum of the Great War on top of the Cinque Torri (so called because it has 5 peaks). The roads there were great (especially the last bit), sadly we got stuck behind some Italian drivers. One of which seemed drunk...


Little Twingo, big mountain.
On the way to Cinque Torri we were treated to views like this!

The museum of the Great War tells the story of how the Italians fought during the Austro-Hungarian troops in the Dolomites during the First World War. It’s really impressive to see the trenches and bunkers the soldiers hew into the rocky mountaintop.


The view on top of Cinque Torri, also known as where it schaefft (only he’s not as easy to indentify as Waldo)
The view from the trenches
Part of the system of trenches


Hard to imagine a place like this as an active battlefield
One of the barracks
Bits like this were the reason that the walk took a bit longer than expected.


The other side had amazing views as well!

After a great and interesting walk (which took slightly longer than expected, due to the path being more rocky than expected) and a good meal. It was time to continue over many passes, like the Passo Valparola and Jaufenpass to get closer and closer to the Austrian border. When climbing the Jaufenpass, I realised how perfect this area of Italy is, and how great it must be to live here and have all these passes to drive!

On the Jaufenpass, after a quick clean of the windows to get rid of some glare


So which one do we prefer, the RF...
or the Roadster?


Sort of a group shot, the Lincoln won’t fit in a cropped and rotated version, so you’ll have to live with the *ahem* artistic angle

After descending the Jaufenpass to the foot of the Timmelsjoch I had gotten a bit sick due to all the sharp turns (or was it the heavy Polenta that I had for lunch?), but that didn’t make the climb of the Timmelsjoch any less fun. And because we had arrived at the foot of the Timmelsjoch in the last hour of it’s opening window the road was almost empty!

All white-ish cars of the group, with the MX5 being a bit grey-ish, the Lincoln pearl-white, and the Twingo being yellow-ish


The Twingo was way too slow here, but these sights were definitely worth the time it took to get there.

This was amazing, as it allowed us to stop as often as we wanted to check the beautiful sunset over the mountains (and to take pictures of the cars, obviously).

Does it get any better than this?


Oh wait it does get better...

Whereas the climb of the Timmelsjoch consists of tons of sharp hairpin turns, and seems to go on for ever, the descend on the Austrian side is a slightly wider and more swooping(?) road into Sölden. And because the road was almost closed by this point, we didn’t have any traffic coming the other way. The Twingo definitely got to stretch its legs on this part!

I’m pretty sure this is the first Thunderfalconcougarbird on the Timmelsjoch.


Having arrived at our overnight stop in Sölden, we all jumped into Rawr’s 505 in search of some food in the deserted skiing town. Luckily a pizza place was open, which was slightly ironical as we’d just arrived from the country of pizza.

Sorry not sorry for another Twingo pic, I’d lost most of the group by this point.

This concludes my reports of the driving parts of the Europpomeet, as after this we drove the fastest route to Stuttgart for the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. I’ll do a photo dump of both of these later. I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures, and that inspired you to meet up with other oppos or to join one of our future trips!


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