The second round of voting has led to a clear winner for the date: week 16. With the adjoining weekend this translates to April 13-21. This includes Good Friday (April 19th). But will we go to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany? Vote now (1 question) for the last time.


In our past trips the weekdays had the planned trip, the weekends were for traveling to and from the location. I expect us to do the something similar this time.

There was a clear runner up to week 16 as well: week 28. We will focus on week 16 first, but might plan something for week 28 too. Keep week 16 free in your calendar. If you cannot make it in week 16 but are interested in week 28, stay tuned or (better yet) join the discussion on whatsapp. If you’re not in there yet and want to be invited in, let me know.

The second round voting for the location however did not lead to a clear answer. So we chose to have a final round of voting. Beside your name and an optional comment field there is just one question: which location do you prefer? Takes you less than a minute. The location with most votes wins.

More information about the locations is found inside the questionnaire and here as well:


This is just some general information, the actual planning starts when a location has been selected.

Some general information:


Here’s the link to the voting page:

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